National Student Policy Network

The National Science Policy Network (NSPN) is a non-profit representing early career science policy, advocacy, and diplomacy groups distributed across the country, focused on providing a platform for sharing resources, building relationships, and training the next generation of scientists and engineers to be pivotal voices in all levels of policy making.

Engineers and Scientists Acting Locally

Engineers and Scientists Acting Locally (ESAL) is a national organization dedicated to increasing local engagement by professionals with backgrounds in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). 

Engaging Scientists and Engineers in Policy

The Engaging Scientists & Engineers in Policy (ESEP) Coalition is an ad hoc alliance of organizations that have joined together to empower scientists and engineers to effectively engage in the policy making process at all levels of government (international, federal, state and local).


@Scipoljobs provides information on job, fellowship, and internship opportunities in science policy, from


California Science Fellows

Each year the  California Council on Science and Technology (CCST) Science Fellows program recruits a corps of fifteen PhD scientists and engineers. These Science Fellows spend one year in Sacramento, directly serving decision makers within the California State Legislature and Executive Branch.

MOST policy fellows will provide much needed resources for Missouri General Assembly. Fellows will assist in scientific, rather than legal, research before bills are written, and also help to inform senators and representatives on benefits and consequences of pending statutes and regulations.

New Jersey  Eagleton Science and Politics Fellowship

During the one-year program, Eagleton Science & Politics Fellows participate in the political process and support New Jersey state government officials in making evidence-based decisions in public policy areas involving science, engineering, and technology.

North Carolina STEM Policy Fellowships

The NC STEM Policy Fellowship will place graduate students into state government offices focusing on policy topics related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

The Commonwealth of Virginia Engineering & Science Fellowship
The COVES Fellowship program aims to strengthen ties between the scientific community and state government in the Commonwealth of Virginia, while encouraging and equipping more scientists and engineers to be effective advisors for public policy in the state of Virginia. 

NSPN Science Policy Education Site

For those who are interested in learning about the ins and outs of science policy, this resource is an introduction into the detailed mechanics of how policy and science meet at every level of government