Level 1
 Science and Technology
Policy & Careers 101


Whether you’re a scientist, engineer, or health professional interested in a career in science and technology policy or a researcher who’s interested in improving how they describe the potential societal implications of their research, you need a better understanding of science and technology policy. You also need to understand the key principles involved in evaluating programs, analyzing potential public policies that might respond to societal implications, and then communicating your results to policymakers and the public. 

Educational Outcomes 

In this “learn by doing” class, students will enhance their understanding of:

  • What encompasses science & technology (S&T) policy

  • The role of the White House, Congress, and Judiciary in S&T policy

  • The role of international government and U.S. states & cities in S&T policy

  • The role of scientists, engineers, and health professionals in public policy.

  • The analytical and communication techniques that support scientific, engineering, and health-focused communications with policymakers.

  • An overview of careers in S&T policy.

How it Works:  You can go through the material at the pace that works for you.  The content of the class is presented through short-taped lectures of about 15 minutes on our learning management system called Ruzuku.  You will then practice the content of each lesson through exercises on which you'll receive feedback. 

During the six weeks of the class, there will be a weekly one-hour live Q&A session where you can ask questions and students can volunteer for their exercises to be "workshopped."   The date and time for the weekly Q&A session will be determined by the vote of the registered participants.  Evening (eastern) options will be offered.

Although the Q&A sessions occur over 6 weeks, it sometimes takes longer for students to complete the exercises due to their other responsibilities.  There is no expiration date for watching the videos.  In addition, you can use your three coaching calls to get feedback on your work at any time - before or after the Q&A sessions end - along with career guidance and any other professional guidance you'd like to receive. The date/time for coaching calls is based on your schedule and that of the instructor and is scheduled via an app.  You also have long-term access to the instructor and announcements of jobs, fellowships, seminars, and workshops via the Academy's Slack channel.



Katherine Himes, Director, McClure Center for Public Policy Research, University of Idaho

"Thank you very much for all of your work on the Idaho Science & Technology Policy Fellowship orientation [Level 1: Intro to S&T Policy].  We are deeply appreciative of your ability to quickly develop a curriculum (with Idaho-specific examples), create online learning platforms, author daily emails (with Idaho photos), and cover so many topics in breadth and depth.  You made our orientation a huge success.  You brought rigorous science policy to Idaho."