Introduction to Science and Technology Policy:
History, Organization, Analysis, and Communication

Whether you’re a scientist, engineer, or health professional interested in a career in science and technology policy or a researcher who’s interested in improving how they describe the potential societal implications of their research, you need a better understanding of science and technology policy including its history and organization. 

You also need to understand the key principles involved in analyzing potential public policies that might respond to societal implications, and then communicating your results to policymakers and the public.


Topics covered include:


  1. Science & Technology Policy History and Organization

    • Overview of the history and organization of science and technology policy in the United States including the role of the White House, Congress, and federal agencies.

  2. Public Policy Analysis Part 1: Question and Policy Options

    • Overview of public policy analysis. Participants will identify a policy question of interest and three policy options to analyze.

  3. Public Policy Analysis Part II: Analysis and Recommendation

    • Participants will analyze their options based on four criteria: effectiveness, efficiency, equity and ease of political acceptability. They will then develop a recommendation for a policymaker based on that analysis.

  4. Communicating to Policymakers and the Public

    • The scientist-engineer-health professional policymaker communications dynamic, communicating your message to policymakers, communicating your message to the public. 

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