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What You can learn!

The S&T Policy Academy currently offers four classes plus a certificate program for those who complete all four classes.

  • Level 1: Science and Technology Policy & Careers 101: Whether you’re a scientist, engineer, or health professional interested in a career in science and technology policy or a researcher who’s interested in improving how they describe the potential societal implications of their research, you need a better understanding of science and technology policy. In this class, you'll learn how the White House, Congress, and Judiciary REALLY work, receive an introduction to analytical techniques, and learn about careers at the local, state, national, and international level.

  • Level 2: Public Policy AnalysisPolicy analysis provides a systematic process to analyze public policy options to respond to societal challenges such as COVID-19, climate change, and homelessness.

  • Level 3: Analytical Methods: Benefit-cost analysis (BCA), cost-effectiveness analysis (CEA), and risk analysis (RA)are quantitative techniques used to support the assessment of effectiveness,  efficiency and equity in the policy analysis process.

  • Level 4: Program Evaluation: While policy analysis focuses on the future, program evaluation looks at the past performance of a program to see if it has met its societal goals,  how it can be improved, and whether funding for that program should be continued.

  • Certificate Program:  ​ The certificate program is for those completing all four classes. 

Classes are offered on-demand, so you can sign up for them at any time. Upon completion, you receive a digital badge. 

What if I Need Help or Have Questions?

Classes include monthly 1 hour Q&A office hours with the date and time determined by the majority vote of registered students. Typically, they are 1 hour sometime between 5-7 pm eastern, Tu-Th. Q&As are optional and can be watched via video at a later date/time.

Classes also include up to 3 private coaching calls with the instructor where your individual class and career questions can be answered.  These can be scheduled at your and the instructor's convenience using a calendar app,

You will also become part of the S&T Policy Academy's Slack channel where we post job and fellowship opportunities, interesting events, and exchange useful news.  You can ask questions of your colleagues there.


Certificate Program:

If you sign up for the certificate program and complete all four classes, then you will also receive a digital certificate.  Badges and certificates can be posted on your LinkedIn page, CV, Resume, Webpage, etc.

Certificate program registrations receive a financial discount over individual registration and an additional hour of career counseling, resume or cover letter review, and job-, internship, or fellowship-hunting, or similar advice (a $300 value) that can be used at any time.   If you believe that you have attended a course that already provides you with the knowledge in one of the certificate classes, you can request a lower rate.

Class Order:  

Classes can be taken in any order. The intensity of analysis increases from Level 1 to Level 4, but you do not need to take the Level 1 class before Level 2, or the Level 2 class before Level 3. 


Think about it like the difference between a walk, a jog, and a run.  You can begin running right away, but you might want to build up your knowledge and thinking first to get the most out of the program.


As long as you’re willing to undertake the level of work involved, you can handle the content in each class – particularly as scientists, engineers, and health professionals are used to quantitative methods and analytical thinking.


Click on the links at the top to see an overview of each class. and to register   The price for classes for the 2021-22 academic year are:

Individual classes

Students/Postdocs/Unemployed $247 

Students/Postdocs/Unemployed - NSPN Member $124 

Professionals $347 



Student/Postdoc/Unemployed - $947 

Students/Postdocs/Unemployed - NSPN Member $474

Professional -  $1337 


National Science Policy Network Members

The prices above that indicate NSPN member reflect the half-price discounts available for National Science Policy Network (NSPN) members (or for splitting the cost with a friend.) 


Note that NSPN has a professional development fund where you can apply for funds to pay for S&T Policy Academy classes.   The maximum is $500 annually and applications are accepted on a rolling basis.  You can find the NSPN discount code by visiting this page


Questions or Discount Codes Needed?:  Email


Satisfaction Guarantee: We take the success of our students seriously.  So as long as you fully participate in the course (watching all the videos, doing all the assignments, participate in the Q&A calls and the one-on-one meetings) and work collaboratively with your instructor yet are still not satisfied with the results, I’ll refund your money no questions asked.